Victorian Cast Iron Oatcake Oven Kitchen Island


Genuine Bespoke Industrial Home Furniture at its Absolute Best

A One off Truely Bespoke Kitchen Island


A  Victorian Cast Iron Oatcake Oven


Taken apart piece by piece, dealing with bolts that havent been turned for over 100 years

Each piece individually cleaned and painted before being put back together


Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

After Years of heating and cooling down the once square frame was no longer square

A Sub-frame had to be made in which we could fix bespokely made kitchen carcasses

2 cupboards, 2 drawers and a shelf accessible from either side of the island


A Plug socket was fixed to the exterior of the frame and and an electrician wired it into the mains (after digging up the mortar in the stone flooring)


Subtle Bits of Copper fixed to the island


And Finally Finished with a monster L: 2M x W: 750mm x 10cm Thick Reclaimed Pitch Pine Floor Joists


Finished with a Dark Wax buffed and polished to a beautiful shine whilt retaining all the natural character and grain aswell as the igns of wear and tear over the years.


If you want a truely one off bespoke statement piece kitchen island get in touch today to talk through ideas with our designers