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June 2019 – Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding In The Home

Is using reclaimed pallet wood inside the home safe?

With our reclaimed pallet wood for wall cladding, customers old and new can be safe in the knowledge we do not use the commonly used europals (ePal).


This is because ePals have had a long undocumented life. Internal and External tests have shown a large percentage of ePals contain carcinogenic toxic chemicals you do not want in your home or place of work.


Be safe, ask your Supplier if they can guarantee your safety. Most cannot.


Euro pallets are used and used and used and repaired and used until they cannot physically be used or repaired anymore – either the pallet wood is mouldy, the pallet wood is at risk of damaging the products on it due to chemical contaminants, or the wood is split and broken to the point the pallet cannot even be repaired. At this point the pallet goes off to pallet dismantlers, they use big power guzzling industrial machines to take the pallet apart and discard of the leftovers. Usually the wood gets turned into mulch for chipboard and MDF, this is what SHOULD happen with ePal pallet wood at the end of its life as it is UNSUITABLE for anything else. 


Unfortunately a lot of the bigger ePal dismantlers have seen a gap in the market and are trying to pass off end of life ePal pallet wood as suitable for interior wood cladding. End of life euro pallets (ePals) are dangerous for internal cladding use and in no circumstances would we recommend exposing you, your children & your friends to the potentially lethal toxins associated with them. 


What we DO RECOMMEND is asking your reclaimed pallet wood wall Supplier if they use ePals. If they do, steer well clear. 


We DO NOT use ePals and we also know the life of every single pallet that has been used. 


We can GUARANTEE your pallet wood has only been used, at most, a few times (enough to be characterful and rustic), has never been used to transport toxins or chemicals, has no splits, contains no lethal mould spores, is dry and ready to fit.



We have a variety of ways to order our reclaimed pallet wood, please find below a few eBay links to the various products:

Unsanded per sq m: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322980546673

Sanded per sq m (from sample to 45 sq m): www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323835327653

Unsanded per sq m (from sample to 45 sq m): www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323835297069

June 17, 2019
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A quick update


I’ve notice I haven’t updated this over the last 18 months.

Ive had emails, calls, texts, skypes, msn msgs, post, tweets and instagram messages begging me for an update so here’s a quick one.

Its been busy and as a picture can say 1000 words we will let the pictures do the talking.

We have been involved in some awesome projects and it’s been a pleasure to work on every single one and with every single person. From Forest Gin, The Flower House, Bodyworlds, Makers Markets, Quite a few undisclosed locations, Dan at Tatton Photography, Thrive-Creative, @HomeatFerndale , @apieceoftheashton to the many online customers who we have travelled thousands and thousands of miles delivering tables up and down the UK to. Even the customer I made a little bit of a cock-up with measurements for glass but we got there in the end. If you like what you see below and think we’re for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Email: [email protected]

Mobile : Jack: 07535825549

January 18, 2019
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August News Update

Welcome to our not so monthly update.

Doesnt time fly, it only feel like yesterday I was here writing the last update. I couldn’t believe it when i realised it has been several months….

We have been mega busy making some awesomely cool pieces of furniture for customers, travelled about all over the country and been involved in a fair few clearances.

First off we made a whole range of made to measure scaffold furniture for a customer’s new home aswell as a jawdropping dining table on a Cast Iron Machine Base

This was a great project and a pleasure to be involved in. The choice of used scaffold was made to match the exposed brick walls and natural timbers… We felt that using new scaffold would be too contrasting with the character in the house – as you can see the results are spectacular and the furniture looks like it has always been there.

Scaffold furniture seemed to be popular so we then developed a range of scaffold tables for the showroom, to take to shows and take orders from.

Making Scaffold Furniture is relatively simple….. Making Quality Scaffold Furniture seems to be quite difficult as we can’t see anybody else offering the use of quality materials and paying attention to detail. For example everybody we can find uses scaffold boards for timber, scaffold boards warp and twist over a short period of time – It may cost a little more and take a little longer but simply using quality reclaimed pitch-pine and paying attention to the quality of the finish means your made to measure item lasts closer to 50 years rather than 5.

We now have 5-6 Bespoke Scaffold Furniture Items online that can be ordered on etsy and our website via a few clicks of a button with more on the way. We have also bought http://scaffoldtables.co.uk with plans to develop this soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

 We have started attending local makers markets…. with plans to become regulars at Knutsford Makers Market and Spinningfields Makers Market – local events and growing attractions drawing people from far. For info of when the makers markets are on visit www.themakersmarket.co.uk . We enjoy going to these markets, its a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of homemade + organic foods, arts, crafts + even clothes…. we really would reccommend a visit.

At some point in the last few months (i’m not sure when its been hectic) we have also been involved in the floor to ceiling stripout and clearance of 10 science labs at a private college near derby. 5am starts and 10pm finishes for meant a long week but we had a timeframe and we stuck to it – It doesnt matter how many hours are worked in a day or what obstacles stand in the way of getting the job done, all that matters is sticking to the timeframe and the agreed terms, as professionals that is what we endeavour to do every time.

A Job well done and lots of new stock salvaged, at the end of the week we had a trip to a friend in london to take a van load of stock to and by the time we got home to macclesfield at about 3am on the saturday morning we were ready for a well deserved pint… with nowhere open we had to settle for an end of job can at the workshop before heading home.

It’s not just schools we have been clearing…. Local estate agents and Landlords have being using our clearance and cleaning services… Keeping the lads busy with dirty work and providing the girls with cleaning work.


  Around the time of the school clearance we also had an enquiry about reupholstering nearly 50 chairs for the local snooker club aswell as sanding and revarnishing 20 tables…. With Amanda having worked with an upholsterers for a few years aswell as practicing her skills on items in the workshop we took the job on and got straight to work….. Not a bad job at all by Amanda if i may say so myself… See before and after pictures below.

 Orders taken from the showroom more recently have involved another dining table on a cast iron base…. This time for ‘Ferndale Restoration’ and a completely different take than the last one … Peter works restoring cast iron radiators and wanted to strip back and paint the base himself so we happily let him.

Peter took the base away and brought it back all wrapped up so we could get to work on the table top and get a frame made ready for the top to sit on. Upon the day of delivery and installation i still hadnt seen the base so when we saw the finished article it was the first time any of us had seen it….. Again, the results were magnificent!!

Pete and Hannah’s Home Restoration project can be kept up to date with at @ferndalerestoration on instagram, A Fantastic Project done to a great standard with some awesome ideas. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

Another Project taken on from the Showroom is an interesting one at Forest Gin in Macclesfield Forest.

Upon moving into new premises, Karl at Forest Gin had his heart set on a bar and an area to entertain clients – after finding us online he came to the showroom and wanted everything in here… Unfortunately that wasnt possible and we settled on a custom built scaffold bar with reclaimed timbers. Again, with exposed stonework we decided on used scaffold tube to match the rest of the interior.

It was the first scaffold bar we made but again, attention to detail paid off and most importantly Karl was over the moon with it. Whilst we were up there we also finished off some of the new joinery work in the same wax of the bar…. such a small thing completely transformed the place. Below are some pictures of the finished results.

With all this going on we still keep our beady eyes out for interesting table bases and cool industrial bits of decorative salvage so keep your eyes peeled on the website and our facebook page for pictures of fresh stock.

Thats enough from me…. back to work. Thanks for reading, and I hope you find what you are looking for on the website. If you dont…. email us!

As usual the showroom is open Saturdays 10-4, If you want to visit any other time contact us to organise an out of hours appointment.
We can also be found at Knutsford and Spinningfields Makers Markets.
If you want a bespoke piece making don’t hesitate to get in touch.

August 08, 2017
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March / April Update

Another hectic couple of months

Retail Displays have been made for The Flower House Cheshire for there new venture at Arighi Bianchi

Beverley and Megan have a great eye for detail and an expert knowledge of flowers – Some of the flower displays we have seen them make are amazing and have really made us consider using some of there ideas in our displays for home and decorative salvage shows. The girls have been fantastic to work with, they arent going to need it but we wish them the best of luck and i’m sure we will be popping in for new ideas on a regular basis

Saw-Mill Rustic Display Tables at The Flower House Cheshire in Arighi Bianchi

Saw-Mill Display Tables at The Flower House Cheshire in Arighi Bianchi

We have attended a few IACF Antiques Fairs since i last wrote an update: Runway Monday at Newark twice, Newark International 2 Dayer, IACF Shepton Mallet at the West Country Showground and Ardingley again. Ardingley seems to be eventful whenever we go, last time it was -5 with frozen water bottles and this time we got sunburnt!

Although we don’t go to buy stock for ourselves (we try not to anyway), when we get a chance we go round with a sourcing list for clients and customers, firing pictures of items off as we walk around – Some of the items we see are incredible and the sort of thing that is definately not on the high street.

This is why the fairs are so good for buyers, hundreds and thousands of unique items that can’t be found elsewhere.

Interior Designers and Antiques dealers have long worked together to achieve that individual unique look for clients and it’s no secret why – good Antiques Dealers know where to source almost everything, we know who has what, we know the market value and we don’t mess about…..

  • If your an interior designer for home or contract work and need specific items – contact us now!!
  • If your opening a new retail space and want it to look genuine and authentic – contact us now!!
  • If your opening a new bar or restaurant and want character – contact us now!!
  • If your having a refurb of anywhere and want something unique – contact us now!!

We would like to introduce our House + Commercial Property Clearance Specialists http://cheshireclearances.com
Found on Facebook @cheshireclearances

Specialising in
House Clearances, Pub Clearances, Office Clearances, Industrial Clearances, Site Clearance, Bereavements

Taking the stress out of all types of building clearance-
with Free Quotes, Expert Advice and Cash paid for quality unwanted furniture it’s a no brainer, Contact Us Today

Working with Solicitors, Landlords, Estate Agents, Auction Houses + Probates
Based in Macclesfield, Serving Cheshire and the North West of England

01625511462 / 07535825548

House Clearance Macclesfield
Property Clearance Cheshire

We had a little visit from Salvage Hunter’s Drew Prichard and T

After being invited to Drew’s yard last year to sell him a few bits the Salvage Hunter team got in contact again to come down to The Sawmill in Macclesfield for a day’s filming.

Keep your eye on the first episode of the next series to see what happens…..

Last but Definately not Least –

Over the last month we have also been busy sourcing some really cool hardwoods, waney edged woods, workbenches and iconic industrial vintage table bases – if you need an individual bespoke table making get in contact with us to arrange a visit and to talk about options. Kitchen Islands, Farmhouse Tables, Retail Tables, Trestle Tables, Rustic Tables – we do them all!!


We have pretty much got to the point where the dumping ground downstairs is ready to be transformed into half shop half workshop – It has taken a huge effort, one last final push and we will be there – keep your eyes out for finished pictures and opening dates in the next few weeks

April 27, 2017
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February News

After a cold start to the year with the first outing at Shepton Mallet being called off by us last minute due to snowy travel conditions our first real outing was IACF Ardingly – a cracking fair and although a wee bit cold and a bit quieter than usual we near enough sold out – a tribute to the quality of stock built up and worked on over the winter ready for the new year. 


We’ve also already been to IACF fair at Newark, an Arthur Swallows fair at Lincoln and a visit to the Spring fair at the NEC – Although we don’t follow any trends as such (we believe creativity, individuality, good workmanship and quality will always sell) getting out and about, talking to people and seeing what the latest trends in the market are is an essential part of the job


Although we won’t be attending all IACF or Arthur Swallows fairs, with up to 1700 traders in one place at one time they are fantastic places to get the creative juices in the brain going for any home or interiors projects. A lot of smaller home stores simply buy all there stock from these fairs so take a full wallet and save yourself a few quid. 


For full events listing for both these organisers visit;



IACF Fair Birds Eye View Sawmill Vintage
Arthur Swallows Fairs

We’ve been busy up and down the country sourcing stock for projects and making inroads to places you can’t just walk in and buy things (fairs aren’t the only places we buy)… A lot of exciting projects are in the workshop (when we get round to them), Keep an eye on our etsy store and our website for latest additions over the coming weeks and months


Along the travels we came across some serious numbers of solid oak vintage Scottish whiskey barrels – the real McCoy, still watertight with a little whiskey swooshing about in most of them… these haven’t been available for 8 years due to reasons within the industry, we are one of the only suppliers in the north west for these and for the time being can supply these in trade numbers – for enquiries ring Jack on 07535825549

Oak Whiskey Barrels @ The Sawmill
Oak Planters @ The Sawmill Macclesfield

We have 2 handmade bespoke kitchen projects coming up – using some really cool Victorian props being repurposed for use in modern life – again….. Pics to follow in the coming months. If your having a new kitchen, want a rustic industrial look and want to use reclaimed materials then come in and see what we can do. 


To follow us in the workshop, our new products, our travels and fairs, our late night work or just random pictures then follow us on Instagram @sawmillvintage

#sawmillvintage Sawmill Home + Decorative Salvage
February 23, 2017
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January News Update

January 2017 Update (a little late)

Since beginning just under a year ago things have evolved quickly… Last year was spent raising our profile and establishing ourselves, we have done this relatively well with appearances on Salvage Hunters with Drew Pritchard on quest and Antiques Road Trip came to us on the BBC.

We’ve also had mentions and articles in several publications – Reclaim magazine, Antiques Trade Gazette, Macclesfield Express,



BBC @ The Sawmill

BBC Antiques Road Trip @ Sawmill Architectural Antiques

Catherine Southern @ The Sawmill

Antiques Road Trip

We now find ourselves having a global client base that includes household celebrity names and leading retail brands that buy from us because a lot of the stuff we sell can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to that we are in the workshop where we are upcycling industrial vintage and creating bespoke rustic furniture that takes the breath away. Our designer Patrick J Stuart #patrickjstuart has a long list of creations he wants to make… I can’t wait to see the results

 It’s been a big learning curve over the last 10 months getting to grips with all sorts including international shipping, shows, events, organising the workshop, getting the right tools, sourcing the right stock – but like every challenge we embrace it and dive in head first!

    Simon at Unity Logistics has been a big help, some of the big exports we have undertaken couldn’t be achieved without Unitys guidance and helpfulness…. He has deservedly been put forward for young shipper of the year and fingers crossed he gets it. It’s so great to see startups by young entrepreneurs moving in the right direction.

So… Http://www.unitylogistics.co.uk for all your shipping needs

Unity Logistics

Sharon at bentleys fairs has been a big help – we hope she has a good year and http://seriouslygoodsalvage.com really takes off! Some of the bentleys fairs we attended last year had a great turnout and couldn’t have happened without her organisation.


  I don’t think I could list everybody who has helped so if I missed you out don’t take it to offence…. All efforts are massively appreciated.

In terms of fairs we will be attending this year we will play it by ear but we want to be at  as many as possible – keep your eyes on our Facebook page for updates of where you can find us as we go up and down the country, a cheeky buying trip to the continent is in our minds aswell at some point soon.

We have also had to change the opening house – due to our location most of our business is online, bespoke furniture commissions for home and retail, and home & salvage shows. Because of this we are only opening the showroom on Saturdays 10-4; the rest of the time will be by appointment only – please ring and book in to avoid disappointment.

We wish you all a successful 2017 and when I get time I’ll try to give news updates at least every other month

February 23, 2017
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News Update

Well, we have been that busy over the last few months i completely forgot to write a June Update, apologies all, i know how exciting my updates are and how its the only thing to look forward to all month!

It has been exciting times down here at the sawmill – shipments of Industrial Vintage and Rustic Furniture have been successfully shipped to USA, New Zealand, France + Portugal. What at first seemed like an absolute nightmare with different border and customs paperwork is now becoming easier and less troublesome with each shipment. All-be-it i must admit Simon and Emma at Unity Logistics have been a great help for us – advising and pointing out things to us that we would of had no idea about has saved us time, effort and most importantly money. I really can’t reccommend these guys enough and as a relatively new business (like ourselves) we will be supporting and promoting them within our industry whenever we get a chance to.

The shows we have attended have all been awesome and luckily the weather has just about held out for us.

Where we have been :
IACF 2 Day event at Newark 2-3 June – A Crazy amount of traders here, a mini-city that pops up overnight and dissappears again 2 days later, international buyers and shippers from all over the world in attendance at this event. We had a good few days here and we had an amazing characterful workbench that sold to an italian chap who is taking it back to italy to put in his restaurant which we look forward to getting some pics of. A few other big pieces also sold, its always nice not to have to load the van up on the return journey – and the fact we did quite well in amongst the thousands of traders present is a good indicator that our stock is spot on!


Cheshire Home and Decorative Salvage Show held by Arthur Swallows at the Tabley Showground – A Local show for us and a nice change from 3-4am starts we have to contend with for shows further afield. With awful weather going on around Cheshire that particular weekend it was a miracle we didnt get hit by it, just down the road in Macclesfield + Poynton were disastrous flash floods that have devastated homes, schools + businesses – our heart goes out to all those affected and the least we could do was donate some childrens chairs to a nursery affected. Enough of the bad news, once again Arthur Swallows got the event spot on. When even the small and simple things are being done (such as emptying bins 3 times a day and cleaning the portaloos every morning) you know you are in safe hands. Even with the rain and floods just down the road it was a well attended event and the local promo for us was invaluable!


Macclesfields Treacle Market – we have now become a regular on here, situated on exchange street down the side of WHSmith – the market is on the last sunday of every month and has everything from home-made cakes, farm stalls, antiques, home-made crafts, vintage stalls to taxidermists and unpasteured milk. The market has a great mix of different stalls, has a lot of footfall and a really good atmosphere about it. All the stallholders are relatively local to Macclesfield making it a great day out exploring a lot of small otherwise unseen businesses in the area – some of the burgers are absolutely amazing and well worth getting out of bed for on a sunday!


Knebworth – Organised by Sharon at Bentleys Fairs – This was the same weekend as the treacle market so we had to double down, load 2 vans and split up into teams – John and Jack attended Knebworth whilst Amanda and Jane looked after the Treacle Market. Another early start to get down to Knebworth House but the fantastic location, weather and footfall made up for it. A well organised fair with a lot of footfall (even though the weather had forecast rain that never came) and once again we were next to our pals from Beya Fontenay and Claires Vintage which made a great weekend with a fair bit of red wine drank. The quality of industrial vintage stock on show was excellent and Sharon even organised a traders barbeque to feed us all free of charge – amazing, especially seen as i had packed everything except the camping stove to cook on!


Loseley Park – Another Arthur Swallows Event, Great Location, Great Organisation, Great Footfall, Great Weather (I still have tan lines from shorts and socks and its nearly 2 weeks later). The Arthur Swallows events we go to are faultless every time, the fact traders are vetted before being allowed to book on ensuring the quality is consistently awesome is a huge boost to traders and public alike. The Arthur Swallows events have to be our favourite events and we look forward to each and every one.


Windsor Racecourse – This was the first event of its kind organised by Bentleys at Windsor Racecourse and holds great promise for the future. Sharon (the organiser) did everything possible to promote the fair – radio ads, ads in antiques magazine, local signage, online presence – Sometimes these things take a year or 2 to really get going and hit the right audience. The traders there brought some fantastic quality stock and the public that didnt attend really missed out, i can only reccommend attending the next one. There is another one being held later in August which we will be attending to show our support for Sharon and Bentleys – not 100% sure on dates yet there is talk of it being moved from a Wednesday to Saturday – we will keep you updated!


Traditionally July and August are relatively quiet months in the industry as a lot of public are on summer holidays and business genreally slows so we are going to take the opportunity to get some awesome new stock, create some exciting new pieces and bring some of these projects in the workshop to life! Sourcing, Upcycling and Growing is the aim for August although we are still attending a few events…..

Upcoming Events:


Treacle Market in Macclesfield : Sunday 31st July
Cheshire Home and Decorative Salvage Show : 5-7 August
Beale Park – 26-28th of August

Also this month;


The Antiques Trade Gazette also featured us and one of our creations; our indoor planter table, a great piece  in a well known antiques magazine …. we are making headway and getting noticed by the right people……. Things can only move forward

Coming up over the next few months we have had interest from a few TV Shows and we have filming dates set for a 2 different productions, i would imagine we will only make a brief appearance, we will keep you updated and obviously let you, our keen audience, know when we will be on screens.

Lots of work to be done so i will leave it there, thanks for reading our blog about where we get to with our industrial and rustic vintage and our next edition will be out at the end of August

July 29, 2016
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Exciting Times!

Welcome to the May edition of our monthly blog (all be it a little late… never mind, we have been busy)

It has been 2 months since we have been officially open and things are going well at the showroom + workshop. We have a steady trickle of people coming down to us and the look on peoples faces when they walk in is just pure amazement. The important thing is people are finding us and coming to have a look – spread the word, tell everyone you know and support a new family business!

We have now reached over 5000 followers on Instagram – thanks to all that follow and like our pictures!

April saw us get a bit of a write up in the National ‘Reclaim’ Magazine – A good little arcticle and well worth a read.

Sawmill Architectural Antiques
Sawmill Architectural Antiques

We have been to a few places + shows in May – some of the highlights:
Southwell Racecourse Antiques Collectors + Vintage Weekend at the beginning of the month. Organised by ‘Field Dog Fairs’ the event was in a beautiful location, set back from any main roads you couldnt ask for a more tranquil place. Despite the overcast skies luckily the rains held off so the fair itself had good footfall over the friday and saturday however on the sunday it rained quite heavily so the visitors stuck to the inside areas.

Industrial Vintage
Industrial Vintage

Ripley Home Decorative and Salvage Show, organised by Arthur Swallows. Located next to the picturesque Ripley Castle.

A few traders we work closely with also made the journey up to Ripley Castle, good company always makes the weekend more enjoyable – Beya Fontenay, Rusty and Dusty, Claires Vintage and Paul from Rossendale Restoration were all in attendance.

The weather held off, a lot of people came through the gates and it was a fantastic weekend. Having a look round some of the other traders stalls was amazing, seeing things we either hadn’t seen for years or hadn’t seen before! If you are moving home, building an extension or just redecorating then these Arthur Swallows Home Decorative & Salvage Shows are amazing for inspiration.

On the final day a lady and gent fell in love with an old riveted water tank we had upcycled into a table, obviously it wouldnt fit into the car so we offered to drop it off later on – 5 men trying to delicately manouvre a half ton table over a wall and through a fence would of been a funny sight!

Sawmill's Setup

Ripley Castle

Busy Busy

Sawmill Architectural Antiques

Beya Fontenay

Ripley Castle

Once again we were asked to attend our local ‘Treacle Market’ in Macclesfield on the last sunday of the month. It was a scorcher, and as usual it was extremely busy! To be able to get out and show people what we do in the local area is priceless. Our location down behind topps tiles is off the beaten track so any local exposure is seized with 2 hands. Jane who organises the event does a fantastic job and we would like to thank her for the opportunity to attend.

Next Month is another busy month with us attending the following shows…
Newark IACF – 2nd + 3rd June
Cheshire Home Decorative + Salvage Show – 10-12th June
Salvo Fair 2016 – 18 + 19th June
Ardingly IACF – 21st + 22nd June
Knebworth Bentleys Fairs – 24-26th June

We are currently busy with the saws, busy with the welders, busy emptying mills and busy at auctions trying to find and make you the newest, coolest, unique items to decorate your home+garden/office/commercial premises with!
One thing we are finding, even with 3 of us here full time, there is not enough hours in the day. Online advertising, putting products online + keeping everything up to date is a full time job. Sourcing stock + materials is a full time job. Making + Designing Items is a full time job. Attending the shows is a full time job. We regularly find ourselves here after 9pm most nights – if you want to come and have a look round at a random time just give us a ring, chances are somebody will be here!
New Businesses in the Area

A new e-cigarette shop, Northern Lites, has opened up next to Revolution in Macclesfield. Anything e-cig related in Macclesfield go and speak to Emanuel in there – he is more than happy to help and has the experience to guide you in the right direction. This is his second shop, the first is in Afflecks Palace Manchester.
Italian Restaurant ‘Vero Moderno’ – We dropped off a gorgeous oak rustic workbench to this new Italian thats about to open on Chapel Street, Manchester. Giuseppe (the owner) is a great character and im sure there will be many memorable nights spent in the restaurant. We will be down to visit as soon as we get a chance!



We would like to announce we are working with Age UK outfit Men in Sheds (elizabeth street, macclesfield), we are helping to market and sell some of the things they make – any proceeds from the sale of there goods is going straight back to charity.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, come down to the showroom or come and say hello if you see us at a fair. Until next month – enjoy the sun!!

June 07, 2016
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Down To Business

Hi everybody, our avid followers and our casual readers…. Hope you are all well! First of all i want to once again thanks everybody who came to the open day… a fantastic day which couldn’t have been possible without everybody that turned up and helped out.

Industrial Vintage

With the open day over our attention turned to getting booked onto some fairs throughout the summer and increasing our profile in the local area.

With a trader unable to make April’s Treacle Market in our hometown of Macclesfield we got a call asking if we could stand in – obviously we jumped at the opportunity and it was a really good day.  Plenty of talking to local people, handing cards out and raising awareness of where we are based – even the rain couldn’t keep people away! Hearing passers-by saying they had seen us online over the previous weeks was also encouraging and leads me to believe something we are doing is working.

Treacle MArket

All in all it was a good day and with a bit of luck we may become regulars on the Treacle Market.


Our full events list can be found on our facebook page but to give you an idea of our next month or so here are the fairs we are booked on to.

Southwell Racecourse Antiques Fair – 1st + 2nd of May

Donnington Antiques Market – 9th of May

Kempton Antiques Market – 10th of May

Ripley Castle (decorative home + salvage show) – 13th 14th and 15th of May

Newark Runway – 23rd of May

Kempton Antiques Market – 31st of May


And in June we are excited to be attending Decorative Home + Salvage @ Cheshire Showground and Knebworth Decro Fair. Both these shows are quite exclusive events with LOTS of visitors – We are already keeping our eyes out for special items and we have started manufacturing a few special big pieces for these shows.


A busy few months are ahead for us and although we are at fairs there will always be somebody at the showroom during the week. Feel free to bob down and have a look around – we might even put the kettle on for you!

Keep an eye on our facebook and instagram pages for interesting / wierd / unusual updates and pictures throughout the month. Until we release next months update, take care and good luck!!

April 29, 2016
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Open Day

We would like to thank everybody that turned out for the open day.

We had a fantastic turnout and great feedback.

To those that couldn’t make it don’t worry, next time you are in the area give us a ring and have a look round.

A Special thank you to our superstar Jane for organising all the planters and being an amazing help in the run-up to the day aswell as on the day itself.

Another special thank you to Cheryl of ‘Born Wild Flowers’ for some absolutely spectacular flower displays.

The food… wow! big big thank you’s to Jay and Nigel for preparing the food. Homemade themed cakes with Chocolate Handsaw’s delicately placed on top were jaw-dropping. The sausage rolls went down a hit – the BEST sausage rolls most of us have ever experienced!

Drinks went down a hit… Thank you to Amy at Bollington Brewery for organising some award winning bitters for everybody to try. Charlotte was certainly kept busy on our bar keeping everybodys drinks topped up!

More thank you’s going to Boycee for the effort in preparing the showroom

A full write-up along with pictures will follow at the end of the month


All in all it was a great day put together by our amazing team. It shows just what can be done when everybody works together

April 06, 2016
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