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That should give us time to get ready

Welcome to the first edition of our Monthly Blog. We will try not to bore you too much! On here we will keep you up to date with what the team has been up to throughout the month. Month 1 is always chaotic….

‘That should give us time to get ready’

Amanda moved into the showroom in Mid Feb with John moving into the Workshop at the same time.

Amanda was waiting for Jack to finish his notice period at his previous job so got on with the important tasks of cleaning + administrative duties so we could then assess what needed doing.

John immediately moved a few items in downstairs and carried on doing what John does best, sourcing items and visiting undisclosed locations.

The list of things to do was countless so everybody was busy… branding, networking, setting up the office, showroom and even the workshop. Anyone setting a business up knows the utilities, the insurances and just the general paperwork and administrative tasks that need to be carried out. It’s an extremely tedious task most of which involves being on hold. Meanwhile business had to go on, fairs for the year had to be organised and customer’s projects had to be finished.

Jack joined the team at the beginning of March and it was decided the opening day of the showroom to be beginning of April. ‘That should give us time to get ready’, we thought!

Jacks main roll at the time was showroom setup, online presence, branding, technology, basically bringing everyone to the 21st century. On day one he offers to do the fire risk assessment form, prints it off…. 18 pages…. Lots of swearing after that.

Amanda’s office + organisational skills and experience have helped massively, keeping all paperwork up to date, everybody organised (to an extent) and getting stuck in everywhere and anywhere possible – even picking up some tools and getting busy with polishing and waxing goods ready for sale.

Mid-March – 3 weeks till open day – progress is being made on all fronts, the showroom is coming together. After a bit of trial and error with photograph areas and lighting the team are now coming up with some pretty good photography (you really don’t want to see some of the earlier efforts).

John reclaims a fair bit of timber from a Demolition job and FILLS the workshop with timber, and I mean FILLS. He still needs to bring all the stock over (there is a LOT) from where it is and oh, John is going to France for a week tomorrow – how long is it again till open day?

Jack decides that whilst John is gone he is going get insured on the truck to clear some space in the workshop and get rid of some wood so stock can be brought over. 12 Truckloads of wood, some sore muscles and a fair few favours owed out to friends for helping out but a nice dry 60ft container is now home to all the wood that took over the workshop.

Amanda, as optimistic as always, carries on with the showroom and has a few great ideas for layout in there. She finds herself hoovering daily, the amount of dust is unbelievable – where does it all come from? With work going on in the showroom and Jack moving wood it was time for Amanda to start letting everybody know about the opening… From the response we have had things are looking good!

John returned from France to actual SPACE in the workshop and his truck still in one piece…. He was a happy man!

Things progress and we now have a week until open day…. Things are slowly taking shape but still a massive amount of work to be done…… On a positive the website has its first version, invitations are all sent out, H+S is all in line with regulation and all our legal obligations are fulfilled.

We have started putting things online for sale but every single items needs tagging, photographing and displaying.  The showroom is starting to look like something that vaguely resembles a showroom but it needs stock. Items are being brought over but due to the size, weight and delicacy of a lot of the items this is a slow process. As items are brought over it needs to be displayed and find a temporary home until sale…. We are in a process of constant rearrangement.

With all this going on the team haven’t forgotten what’s important in life, the beer has been ordered for the open day – locally made award winning beer from The Bollington Brewery is on the menu for tasting and some hearty homemade nibbles will be on offer.

A lot of work to be done but I’m sure next month I will be writing about how successful the open day is………. Fingers Crossed!!

March 29, 2016
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