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June 2019 – Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Cladding In The Home

Is using reclaimed pallet wood inside the home safe?

With our reclaimed pallet wood for wall cladding, customers old and new can be safe in the knowledge we do not use the commonly used europals (ePal).


This is because ePals have had a long undocumented life. Internal and External tests have shown a large percentage of ePals contain carcinogenic toxic chemicals you do not want in your home or place of work.


Be safe, ask your Supplier if they can guarantee your safety. Most cannot.


Euro pallets are used and used and used and repaired and used until they cannot physically be used or repaired anymore – either the pallet wood is mouldy, the pallet wood is at risk of damaging the products on it due to chemical contaminants, or the wood is split and broken to the point the pallet cannot even be repaired. At this point the pallet goes off to pallet dismantlers, they use big power guzzling industrial machines to take the pallet apart and discard of the leftovers. Usually the wood gets turned into mulch for chipboard and MDF, this is what SHOULD happen with ePal pallet wood at the end of its life as it is UNSUITABLE for anything else. 


Unfortunately a lot of the bigger ePal dismantlers have seen a gap in the market and are trying to pass off end of life ePal pallet wood as suitable for interior wood cladding. End of life euro pallets (ePals) are dangerous for internal cladding use and in no circumstances would we recommend exposing you, your children & your friends to the potentially lethal toxins associated with them. 


What we DO RECOMMEND is asking your reclaimed pallet wood wall Supplier if they use ePals. If they do, steer well clear. 


We DO NOT use ePals and we also know the life of every single pallet that has been used. 


We can GUARANTEE your pallet wood has only been used, at most, a few times (enough to be characterful and rustic), has never been used to transport toxins or chemicals, has no splits, contains no lethal mould spores, is dry and ready to fit.



We have a variety of ways to order our reclaimed pallet wood, please find below a few eBay links to the various products:

Unsanded per sq m: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322980546673

Sanded per sq m (from sample to 45 sq m): www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323835327653

Unsanded per sq m (from sample to 45 sq m): www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323835297069

Jun 17, 2019
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