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News Update

Well, we have been that busy over the last few months i completely forgot to write a June Update, apologies all, i know how exciting my updates are and how its the only thing to look forward to all month!

It has been exciting times down here at the sawmill – shipments of Industrial Vintage and Rustic Furniture have been successfully shipped to USA, New Zealand, France + Portugal. What at first seemed like an absolute nightmare with different border and customs paperwork is now becoming easier and less troublesome with each shipment. All-be-it i must admit Simon and Emma at Unity Logistics have been a great help for us – advising and pointing out things to us that we would of had no idea about has saved us time, effort and most importantly money. I really can’t reccommend these guys enough and as a relatively new business (like ourselves) we will be supporting and promoting them within our industry whenever we get a chance to.

The shows we have attended have all been awesome and luckily the weather has just about held out for us.

Where we have been :
IACF 2 Day event at Newark 2-3 June – A Crazy amount of traders here, a mini-city that pops up overnight and dissappears again 2 days later, international buyers and shippers from all over the world in attendance at this event. We had a good few days here and we had an amazing characterful workbench that sold to an italian chap who is taking it back to italy to put in his restaurant which we look forward to getting some pics of. A few other big pieces also sold, its always nice not to have to load the van up on the return journey – and the fact we did quite well in amongst the thousands of traders present is a good indicator that our stock is spot on!


Cheshire Home and Decorative Salvage Show held by Arthur Swallows at the Tabley Showground – A Local show for us and a nice change from 3-4am starts we have to contend with for shows further afield. With awful weather going on around Cheshire that particular weekend it was a miracle we didnt get hit by it, just down the road in Macclesfield + Poynton were disastrous flash floods that have devastated homes, schools + businesses – our heart goes out to all those affected and the least we could do was donate some childrens chairs to a nursery affected. Enough of the bad news, once again Arthur Swallows got the event spot on. When even the small and simple things are being done (such as emptying bins 3 times a day and cleaning the portaloos every morning) you know you are in safe hands. Even with the rain and floods just down the road it was a well attended event and the local promo for us was invaluable!


Macclesfields Treacle Market – we have now become a regular on here, situated on exchange street down the side of WHSmith – the market is on the last sunday of every month and has everything from home-made cakes, farm stalls, antiques, home-made crafts, vintage stalls to taxidermists and unpasteured milk. The market has a great mix of different stalls, has a lot of footfall and a really good atmosphere about it. All the stallholders are relatively local to Macclesfield making it a great day out exploring a lot of small otherwise unseen businesses in the area – some of the burgers are absolutely amazing and well worth getting out of bed for on a sunday!


Knebworth – Organised by Sharon at Bentleys Fairs – This was the same weekend as the treacle market so we had to double down, load 2 vans and split up into teams – John and Jack attended Knebworth whilst Amanda and Jane looked after the Treacle Market. Another early start to get down to Knebworth House but the fantastic location, weather and footfall made up for it. A well organised fair with a lot of footfall (even though the weather had forecast rain that never came) and once again we were next to our pals from Beya Fontenay and Claires Vintage which made a great weekend with a fair bit of red wine drank. The quality of industrial vintage stock on show was excellent and Sharon even organised a traders barbeque to feed us all free of charge – amazing, especially seen as i had packed everything except the camping stove to cook on!


Loseley Park – Another Arthur Swallows Event, Great Location, Great Organisation, Great Footfall, Great Weather (I still have tan lines from shorts and socks and its nearly 2 weeks later). The Arthur Swallows events we go to are faultless every time, the fact traders are vetted before being allowed to book on ensuring the quality is consistently awesome is a huge boost to traders and public alike. The Arthur Swallows events have to be our favourite events and we look forward to each and every one.


Windsor Racecourse – This was the first event of its kind organised by Bentleys at Windsor Racecourse and holds great promise for the future. Sharon (the organiser) did everything possible to promote the fair – radio ads, ads in antiques magazine, local signage, online presence – Sometimes these things take a year or 2 to really get going and hit the right audience. The traders there brought some fantastic quality stock and the public that didnt attend really missed out, i can only reccommend attending the next one. There is another one being held later in August which we will be attending to show our support for Sharon and Bentleys – not 100% sure on dates yet there is talk of it being moved from a Wednesday to Saturday – we will keep you updated!


Traditionally July and August are relatively quiet months in the industry as a lot of public are on summer holidays and business genreally slows so we are going to take the opportunity to get some awesome new stock, create some exciting new pieces and bring some of these projects in the workshop to life! Sourcing, Upcycling and Growing is the aim for August although we are still attending a few events…..

Upcoming Events:


Treacle Market in Macclesfield : Sunday 31st July
Cheshire Home and Decorative Salvage Show : 5-7 August
Beale Park – 26-28th of August

Also this month;


The Antiques Trade Gazette also featured us and one of our creations; our indoor planter table, a great piece  in a well known antiques magazine …. we are making headway and getting noticed by the right people……. Things can only move forward

Coming up over the next few months we have had interest from a few TV Shows and we have filming dates set for a 2 different productions, i would imagine we will only make a brief appearance, we will keep you updated and obviously let you, our keen audience, know when we will be on screens.

Lots of work to be done so i will leave it there, thanks for reading our blog about where we get to with our industrial and rustic vintage and our next edition will be out at the end of August

Jul 29, 2016
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