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Exciting Times!

Welcome to the May edition of our monthly blog (all be it a little late… never mind, we have been busy)

It has been 2 months since we have been officially open and things are going well at the showroom + workshop. We have a steady trickle of people coming down to us and the look on peoples faces when they walk in is just pure amazement. The important thing is people are finding us and coming to have a look – spread the word, tell everyone you know and support a new family business!

We have now reached over 5000 followers on Instagram – thanks to all that follow and like our pictures!

April saw us get a bit of a write up in the National ‘Reclaim’ Magazine – A good little arcticle and well worth a read.

Sawmill Architectural Antiques
Sawmill Architectural Antiques

We have been to a few places + shows in May – some of the highlights:
Southwell Racecourse Antiques Collectors + Vintage Weekend at the beginning of the month. Organised by ‘Field Dog Fairs’ the event was in a beautiful location, set back from any main roads you couldnt ask for a more tranquil place. Despite the overcast skies luckily the rains held off so the fair itself had good footfall over the friday and saturday however on the sunday it rained quite heavily so the visitors stuck to the inside areas.

Industrial Vintage
Industrial Vintage

Ripley Home Decorative and Salvage Show, organised by Arthur Swallows. Located next to the picturesque Ripley Castle.

A few traders we work closely with also made the journey up to Ripley Castle, good company always makes the weekend more enjoyable – Beya Fontenay, Rusty and Dusty, Claires Vintage and Paul from Rossendale Restoration were all in attendance.

The weather held off, a lot of people came through the gates and it was a fantastic weekend. Having a look round some of the other traders stalls was amazing, seeing things we either hadn’t seen for years or hadn’t seen before! If you are moving home, building an extension or just redecorating then these Arthur Swallows Home Decorative & Salvage Shows are amazing for inspiration.

On the final day a lady and gent fell in love with an old riveted water tank we had upcycled into a table, obviously it wouldnt fit into the car so we offered to drop it off later on – 5 men trying to delicately manouvre a half ton table over a wall and through a fence would of been a funny sight!

Sawmill's Setup

Ripley Castle

Busy Busy

Sawmill Architectural Antiques

Beya Fontenay

Ripley Castle

Once again we were asked to attend our local ‘Treacle Market’ in Macclesfield on the last sunday of the month. It was a scorcher, and as usual it was extremely busy! To be able to get out and show people what we do in the local area is priceless. Our location down behind topps tiles is off the beaten track so any local exposure is seized with 2 hands. Jane who organises the event does a fantastic job and we would like to thank her for the opportunity to attend.

Next Month is another busy month with us attending the following shows…
Newark IACF – 2nd + 3rd June
Cheshire Home Decorative + Salvage Show – 10-12th June
Salvo Fair 2016 – 18 + 19th June
Ardingly IACF – 21st + 22nd June
Knebworth Bentleys Fairs – 24-26th June

We are currently busy with the saws, busy with the welders, busy emptying mills and busy at auctions trying to find and make you the newest, coolest, unique items to decorate your home+garden/office/commercial premises with!
One thing we are finding, even with 3 of us here full time, there is not enough hours in the day. Online advertising, putting products online + keeping everything up to date is a full time job. Sourcing stock + materials is a full time job. Making + Designing Items is a full time job. Attending the shows is a full time job. We regularly find ourselves here after 9pm most nights – if you want to come and have a look round at a random time just give us a ring, chances are somebody will be here!
New Businesses in the Area

A new e-cigarette shop, Northern Lites, has opened up next to Revolution in Macclesfield. Anything e-cig related in Macclesfield go and speak to Emanuel in there – he is more than happy to help and has the experience to guide you in the right direction. This is his second shop, the first is in Afflecks Palace Manchester.
Italian Restaurant ‘Vero Moderno’ – We dropped off a gorgeous oak rustic workbench to this new Italian thats about to open on Chapel Street, Manchester. Giuseppe (the owner) is a great character and im sure there will be many memorable nights spent in the restaurant. We will be down to visit as soon as we get a chance!



We would like to announce we are working with Age UK outfit Men in Sheds (elizabeth street, macclesfield), we are helping to market and sell some of the things they make – any proceeds from the sale of there goods is going straight back to charity.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, come down to the showroom or come and say hello if you see us at a fair. Until next month – enjoy the sun!!

Jun 07, 2016
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