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Open Day

We would like to thank everybody that turned out for the open day.

We had a fantastic turnout and great feedback.

To those that couldn’t make it don’t worry, next time you are in the area give us a ring and have a look round.

A Special thank you to our superstar Jane for organising all the planters and being an amazing help in the run-up to the day aswell as on the day itself.

Another special thank you to Cheryl of ‘Born Wild Flowers’ for some absolutely spectacular flower displays.

The food… wow! big big thank you’s to Jay and Nigel for preparing the food. Homemade themed cakes with Chocolate Handsaw’s delicately placed on top were jaw-dropping. The sausage rolls went down a hit – the BEST sausage rolls most of us have ever experienced!

Drinks went down a hit… Thank you to Amy at Bollington Brewery for organising some award winning bitters for everybody to try. Charlotte was certainly kept busy on our bar keeping everybodys drinks topped up!

More thank you’s going to Boycee for the effort in preparing the showroom

A full write-up along with pictures will follow at the end of the month


All in all it was a great day put together by our amazing team. It shows just what can be done when everybody works together

Apr 06, 2016
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